ASCA Guide goes live online

Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

Our members and partners are actively embracing the opportunities of smart technologies, as shown through the case study examples in this year’s Guide to creating a smart community in Australia.

We expanded this second edition to include a broader range of smart city themes which highlight the initiatives and deployments across the country, from large cities to regional areas.

It’s an exciting time for our members and partners who are using smarter approaches, innovative solutions and smart technologies to build liveable and sustainable communities. The examples in this year’s guide range from smart parking to smart signage, lighting and poles, to sensors, apps, management platforms and open data programs. If you haven’t already done so, you can download your free copy of our Guide to creating a smart community in Australia.

We have also created a web portal for the guide where we will continue to update existing deployments and add new examples of smart city technologies as they roll out across the country.

Our aim is to make this guide a living document, which will continuously change, along with the ideas and smart solutions being deployed by our members and partners.

Do you have examples of smart technologies and user experiences?

We're constantly looking to develop and grow this guide and welcome examples from our members and partners which highlight user experiences through demonstrated smart technology deployments.

If you have a possible example, please submit a short overview, outlining the challenge, solution and demonstrated community benefits.

Excerpt from the 2017 Guide

City of Newcastle: Council's ambitious Smart City Initiative is influencing a city-wide revitalisation and regional transformation aimed at establishing Newcastle and the Hunter Region as an internationally recognised centre for technology innovation. Read more.

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