Management platforms

A guide to creating a smart community in Australia

Case study

Bad Hersfeld is a regional hub in Germany, similar to Toowoomba (QLD) or Ballarat (VIC). The city has taken a pragmatic, bottom-up approach to experimenting with smart city technologies. Its ambition is to have workable and affordable solutions which have immediate positive impact on citizens and local businesses.

  • Noise management: Bad Hersfeld is a major logistics hub with Amazon and DHL distribution centers in the area. While they create jobs, the traffic causes major noise issues. As a result, the city supported the development of a noise app which allows identification, resolution and monitoring of noise trouble spots.

  • Smart parking: Using Cleverciti sensors, the city monitors the central parking lot of about 500 bays. Increased information has enabled improved revenue from around 15 percent to almost 80 percent. Real-time information about parking availability has significantly decreased traffic hunting for parking bays (studies show that parking-related traffic contributes up to 30 percent of traffic in a city).

Bad Hersfeld has implemented [ui!]’s UrbanPulse for its smart city platform to integrate its multiple smart city technologies and provide a coherent smart city picture, such as the relationship between parking, traffic and autonomous public transport.

UrbanPulse integrates data from the noise tracking apps, smart parking and energy use with data which tracks the effectiveness of a city cycling campaign, to create an overall picture of the smart city activities. Traffic and public transport data will be integrated in coming months.

In its next phase, Bad Hersfeld and [ui!] will explore the business value of the city's urban data by offering it to service providers, businesses, and global enterprises for a wide variety of smart services ranging from sustainable urban mobility to efficient district energy management including smart traffic flow, smart parking, smart lighting, environmental sensing, and electrifying local vehicle fleets.