• Oct 02

    Blog by Brook Dixon, ASCA Vice President

    Be a digital democracy – digital of the people, by the people, for the people. 

    This is the ethos of leading smart cities, and the words I quote when asked to condense my smart city philosophy. But what does it mean? 

    First, smart communities talk to people about their priorities, and how new technology is best applied to address these priorities. 

    Second, smart communities use digital technology to talk to people. 

  • Aug 08

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    How many times have you heard consultants describe how smart cities and communities will do this and that? These future vision statements fall short in so many ways. When we begin to unpack the vision into an implementation plan, these become complicated and require cross organisation agreement and support to work. The difference this time is that the digitisation of our urban environment means we need:

  • Jul 31

    Blog by Brook Dixon, ASCA Vice President

    Partnership is the new black in government; especially in the digital city which is built on networks, co-design, innovation and connecting things, ideas, data, and people. No man, woman, organisation, or thing is an island, entire of itself, in the digital city.

    Leading digital cities understand and embrace these connections. They are receptive to the opportunities of course, but also systematic and deliberate in both planning for, and entering into partnerships. 

  • Jul 24

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    Our members and partners are actively embracing the opportunities of smart technologies, as shown through the case study examples in this year’s Guide to creating a smart community in Australia.

    We expanded this second edition to include a broader range of smart city themes which highlight the initiatives and deployments across the country, from large cities to regional areas.

  • Jul 17

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

  • Jul 10

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    It's been a big week for the electric engine. Volvo has committed to move to electric-only engines from 2019 and begin "the historic end of cars that only have an internal combustion engine and placing electrification at the core of its future business".

  • Jul 02

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    Every generation seems to focus on a word or phrase to define the next most important iteration of what it means to drive change.

  • Jun 26

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    Is it just me, or does the end of financial year provide us with an important point to stop for a minute and reflect on both the previous year and plan for the year ahead?

  • Jun 12

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    In the same way Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream…” ASCA too has a dream. Our vision is to create a network of smart cities and communities across Australia. Like America in the 50s and 60s, we too have challenges and realities we need to face.

  • Jun 05

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    Nine months in the planning, three days from beginning to end and 375 happy participants: Telstra Australian Smart Communities Conference 2017 is a wrap and a huge success based on the feedback from all.