• Jul 02

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    Every generation seems to focus on a word or phrase to define the next most important iteration of what it means to drive change.

  • Jun 26

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    Is it just me, or does the end of financial year provide us with an important point to stop for a minute and reflect on both the previous year and plan for the year ahead?

  • Jun 12

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    In the same way Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream…” ASCA too has a dream. Our vision is to create a network of smart cities and communities across Australia. Like America in the 50s and 60s, we too have challenges and realities we need to face.

  • Jun 05

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    Nine months in the planning, three days from beginning to end and 375 happy participants: Telstra Australian Smart Communities Conference 2017 is a wrap and a huge success based on the feedback from all. 

  • May 28

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    This week’s version of the ASCA enews is dropping into your inbox just hours before the formal two-day conference officially kicks off in the host city of Adelaide, South Australia. We are extremely pleased to have sold out almost every event on the program. With more than 350 delegates registered for conference events, we have exceeded every target and projection.

  • May 22

    Blog by Michael Whereat, ASCA President

    A little over a century ago, innovation began to deliver the third Industrial revolution – flight, vehicles and the rise of mobility. Today, we take each of these technologies for granted. As steam and electricity had done before them, urban civilisation has become stronger and has grown to new levels in terms of height, population and wealth. The most important outcomes have been the improvements in health, education and ability for an individual to realise their own potential.

  • May 08

    By Piers Hogarth-Scott - ASCA Industry Board Chair

    ASCA has established an Industry Board - in addition to its members and partners - consisting of leading national and international organisations who are working together to establish collaborations with emerging Australian smart cities and communities.

    In many ways, it’s this bringing together of both local government (cities) and industry on both sides of supply and demand that makes ASCA a truly unique organisation supporting the smart city movement.

  • Apr 24

    If we look at the turbulence that we are facing today in many of our western societies it becomes clear that a key underlying reason for the current chaotic situation is the lack of trust that has crept into our lives over the last decade or so.

  • Apr 16

    Local governments understand that infrastructure is not so much a means of making money. They recognise that it acts as a facilitator, allowing them to generate much higher social and economic benefits. For them there is a natural separation between the cost of infrastructure and the benefits that can be derived from this utility. The ROI here is not simply money – there are many far more important social and economic benefits attached.

  • Apr 10

    A new report recently released  by  the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney – and supported by ASCA member Telstra - aims to provide new insights into the implementation of smart cities in Australia – how these initiatives are being implemented in cities, whether they are fulfilling their promises, the challenges involved and how cities can learn from each other.