• Nov 14

    ASCA Blog - by Paul Budde

    Slowly but surely we are beginning to see a transformation take place in many parts of the world, as governments and councils realise they need to take a holistic approach to future city-wide development. In Australia, for example, we see that Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Sydney, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast have all been identified as being among the leading smart cities. The Netherlands also has great examples of emerging Smart Cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven.

  • Nov 07

    Last week Queen Máxima of the Netherlands was in Australia, attending the Dutch-Australian Smart City Summit that ASCA organized together with the Dutch Government..

    There is an interesting link between Her Majesty and the smart communities movement ……

  • Oct 31

    This week the Dutch Smart Mission is in Australia visiting Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast and of course there is the fully booked Summit on Thursday.

  • Oct 24

    This time a report from Napoli; an amazing city more authentic Italian than the ‘real’ holidays cities in Italy. It has a very long history it started as a Greek city (Neapolis) around 600BC. During the Middle Ages it was – after Paris - the 2nd largest city in Europe. As of the whole of Southern Italy, it has had a rough time over the last 500 years with lots of foreign occupations and exploitation.It remained one of the poorest cities in Western Europe until well into the 20th century. Modernisation only started to take hold in a substantial way after WWII.

  • Oct 18

    Hello from Bella Italia and in this case from the previous Republic of Venezia. The town has long been a city state and this has helped them in being strategic about its role in a world where more and more policies are pushed back to a city level. Furthermore as we all know Venice has its own environmental problems which we encountered as we were in the city at ‘Alta Aqua’, with some light flooding on the Piazza San Marco.

  • Oct 10

    Back in 1980 when I still lived in the Netherlands I worked with the Dutch futurist Griet Titulaer (an astronomer by trade) in building ‘The Home of the Future’. I would say that at that stage it was more built around innovative interior design with automation features. Home entertainment also played a key role in it.

  • Oct 03

    A great deal has happened this year in relation to smart city developments in Australia. I have been involved in smart cities since 2001, both in Australia and overseas. In those early years broadband (or more accurately the lack of it) was the key issue; but, while this remains a top priority, developments in the economy and society have now led to a far more strategic approach towards cities. Cities are increasingly seen as the economic drivers of the future. Cities and towns are becoming the platforms for new economic and social developments.

  • Sep 26

    Referring to my recent (free)  report: Smart Cities - How cities can contribute to social stability and security, I agree that technological and economic developments over the last few decades have led to an increase in inequality. The financial benefits of technological developments and globalisation have – in the western economies – largely been delivered to the top layers of society.

  • Sep 20
    More than 20 representatives from local government, business, industry and national industry associations met for ASCA’s inaugural After 5 Drinks and Nibbles event in Perth last week, hosted by NGT Downer. ASCA 2017 Summit lead Tony Chadwick spoke about ASCA’s mission and the importance of collaboration between Australia’s emerging network of smart cities.
  • Sep 19

    With some of the poster-child services of the sharing economy now becoming more mainstream it is interesting to follow the developments that are taking place in this early stage of development.

    All those actively participating in services such as Uber, AirB&B and Lyft have seen regulations creeping up on them, be it in relation to paying tax over the income generated from renting out a room in the house or regulations applying to driving passengers around.