• Jul 07

    CyberSafe Smart Cities Blog by Entersoft

    The first key principle is that IoT developers should not compromise on security for the sake of convenience.

  • Jul 04

    ASCA's Executive Director, Paul Budde has begun a regular blog providing insights, comments and opinions.

    The people have spoken, however, it looks like they want parties to work together; so let’s see how this will pan out over coming days. For the time being policies such as the Smart City Plan and the NBN will have to wait  but even when a government has been formed the political uncertainty attached to that might lead to further delays.

  • Jun 21

    One of the reasons so many of the smart city projects peter out is that they are not supported by a digital master plan. Before any smart city project can be successfully implemented a holistic plan, based on a multi-functional approach for the city, needs to be in place.

    Such a plan can include: smart infrastructure, smart mobility, smart living, e-health, e-education, smart precincts and buildings, smart economy (sharing, digital, interconnected), living city labs and well-managed collaborative data labs.

  • May 30

    A major positive of this year’s budget is that some $2 billion in all has been allocated to ICT projects right across all the government departments.

    This came as a pleasant surprise. While the money is scattered throughout the Budget it will provide many departments and agencies with the opportunity to make some structural changes to the way they operate.

  • Feb 28

    A colleague asked me today to describe what a smart city is and why we should be getting involved. For him it was an IT project not an Economic Development priority. He went on to list the typical Internet of Everything topics that Cisco, IBM and other international companies are advocating for. He referenced Smart Parking and LED lighting, sensors and public safety cameras, traffic lights and a list of 4-5 other items that are commonly identified as smart city technologies.

  • Feb 26
    Have a look at this New York Time article. Time to remind your kids that some areas are growing and to take advantage of where there is growth and better opportunity/income. How are you adjusting your economic and digital plans to suit? Members of the ASCA access regular seminars and resources to help you respond to this sort of economic data. I hope you can join us soon.
  • Feb 07
    Traditional construction replaced with new thinking. Who would have thought that 3D printing/manufacturing could impact the construction industry? The following article shows how far things have come and points to the extent of disruption form new digital technologies. How does that relate to us? Well I am not about to buy a new 3D manufactured house, but I am going to review the emerging technologies that impact on the way I work and look for ways to harness them. What does 3D manufacturing mean for you?
  • Dec 21


    Another year gone and the schedule for the first half of 2015 already looks like it has already been planned. I don't know about you, but I find it is sometimes difficult to get my head above water for long enough to check that we are heading in the right direction.