Smart cities

A growing number of communities across Australia and New Zealand are preparing and implementing strategies and action plans to facilitate their transition to the digital and smart economy. We add content from all of our members and curate material from other parts of Australia and the world to give you a broad cross section of quality content. 



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World Smart City
  • An online community of city professionals exploring the most important factors that hinder the broad roll out of Smart Cities today:  
    • ​​Mobility
    • Water
    • Energy
    • Cybersecurity and privacy
  • World Smart City Forum held in Singpaore in July 2016.
Global Smart City and Community Coalition (GSC3)
  • A network organisation of cities, communities and regions to share solutions pursuing sustainable living worldwide. 
  • A platform for civic collaboration by sharing challenges, best practices and verified solutions. 
Institutes of the Intelligent Community Forum
The Institutes of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) are local research institutions established in partnership with the ICF by universities, local governments and other organisations to expand the world's knowledge about the creation of Intelligent Communities.
Each Institute focuses on a field of study related to one of ICF's six Intelligent Community Indicators while also supporting a specific mission of the community or institution that is home to the Institute. Read more about the two current institutes: