ASCA members

ASCA’s members includes representatives from local government across all states and territories in Australia, as well as Regional Development Australia and Regional Organisations of Councils, not for profits, startups and individuals, as well as international cities.



Local government

Metro cities (150,000+ population)+-
Midsize cities (50,000-150,000 population)+-




Small cities (20,000-50,000 population)+-
Regions (below 20,000 population)+-






RDAs and ROCs






















Not for profits    




Individuals Students
Jill Garing
Lucy Cradduck
Chris Winter
Tony Chadwick
Tony Gibbs
Stephen Mackay
Glenn Pomeroy
Andrew Carline
Michael Comninos
Jim Wyatt
Alex Cruickshank
Brook Dixon
Don Mackintosh
Peter Runcie
Simon Kaplan
Darren Ruger
Matthew Ensor
Brian Hales
Thomas Reukaup
Ian Cruickshank
Jeff Ward
Peter Coop
Alexia Lidas
Mark Hartmann
Tracey Kay
Sandy Burgoyne
Mark Macfarlane
Evelyn King

International affiliate cities


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R&D innovation
Federal & State